Glow Up Codes: Self Belief & Boundaries

The online course to help you create that vision board inner self-confidence, by learning to rewire your negative thinking patterns, confidently set boundaries & develop powerful mindset habits.
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In this programme you'll learn how to...

👉 Rewire your negative thinking patterns & transform the negative beliefs which are keeping you stuck in self doubt.

👉 Stop comparing yourself to other people & stay in your own lane.

👉 Create liberating, sustainable habits around confidence, boundaries & mindset.

👉 What boundaries you need around your time & energy & how to to confidently assert them.

👉 Be more assertive, tell people what you need, say no without feeling guilty. 

What's included...

👉 Transformative video trainings with accompanying workbooks.
👉 Powerful journal prompts.
👉 The Glow Up Planner.
👉 Reflection sheets at the end of each module to help you implement what you lear

These are the exact things I teach my private clients, here's what they had to say...



Pay in full

2 x £60

Monthly payment plan

The Course Lessons

You'll have 12 months access to the course material and can complete it at your own pace. Save all of the useful resources and refer back to the videos any time you feel like you need a boost with your confidence.
Meet the instructor

Georgia Rex

Certified Health, Life & Transformation Coach.
Yoga teacher, ex Superyacht Chief Stewardess & Harry Potter nerd.
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